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It’s a 10 product review, Choosing the right hair products does make a difference!

It’s a 10 product review, Choosing the right hair products does make a difference!.


Haircare 102: Tips for Growing out your hair. Part 2

Here are a few more inside tips for taking care of and growing out your hair:

8.  Use the correct kind of elastics & clips to tie your hair back.  This is another common issue I see with some of my clients who have long hair and/or are growing out their hair.  Inevitably  during the grow out process you will get to the awkward stage.  The stage where you would rather shave your head than deal with the mop that currently refuses to do ANYTHING.  That’s because it’s too long for the previous style you had and it’s too short for the next phase.  Most clients end up pulling it back just to get it out of their face and many times use the wrong kind of elastics and/or twist the hair into a messy bun.   What happens is the elastics and/or bun place a great amount of tension and stress on the hair and it causes breakage.   My advice is to not pull your hair back really tight and don’t do that messy bun thing.  Always use clips with smooth edges and elastics with smooth fabric.  You can also use a little bit of hairspray to hold it in place.  I like Moroccan oil hairspray because it’s light, won’t dry the hair out and it smells awesome.



9. Always use a COMB to brush out wet or tangled hair.   Never ever use a brush to comb out wet or tangled hair.  Doing so causes major breakage!!  The hair is extremely fragile when it’s wet.  I tell my clients to first brush out their dry hair before they get into the shower and while in the shower to comb the conditioner through before rinsing it out.  If you do that then you shouldn’t have any tangles to comb out.  Lastly be sure that while shampooing that you massage the scalp with the pads of your fingers but don’t swirl the hair into a ball of knots in the process.  And you should also avoid using very hot water because it is extremely drying and will also fade color treated hair.  Shampoo hair with either warm or cool water to be safe. You may use a brush to style wet hair After it has been combed out. 


10.  Use a satin or silk pillowcase.  Using a cotton pillowcase causes  friction, leading to breakage in some types of hair.  If you use a silk or satin pillowcase the hair will slide around under your head without any friction.  I recommend you change the pillowcase 2x a week though so your skin doesn’t breakout.  The oils from your scalp and any hair products you use sit on top of that kind of fabric so be sure to change the pillowcase more frequently.


11.  Hairdresser hopping during the grow out process.   There are certain ways to cut the hair so that it grows into a style quicker and your stylist has already started their technique on you.  I can tell you that all stylists have vastly different cutting techniques and if you have another stylist trim it for you that more than likely they are going to unintentionally undue all the work your regular stylist has started and set you back a couple months.  This is something I’ve seen a hundred times over the years.  My advice is stick with one stylist during the grow out process and/or during any corrective hair service like color.


12. Take a multivitamin.  If you have followed the aforementioned tips and your hair seems to not be growing go see your doctor.   Most people benefit from taking a multivitamin and it will certainly help your hair, skin & nails. But be sure to check with your doctor first to make sure it is safe to do so and to check if there isn’t a medical condition that may be causing your hair issue.  Vitamin deficiencies and thyroid disease for example can really do a number on your hair.  It can make it dry & brittle and also cause it to thin out dramatically.  Be safe and go see your doctor.


13. Are your glasses causing breakage? If you tend to wear your sunglasses on top of your head you should make sure that the screws/hinges on the sides of the glasses are hidden or smooth otherwise you will experience breakage near your temple area. If that is already a problem then perhaps a new pair of glasses are in order or try not wearing them on top of your head anymore.

This concludes my advice for growing out your hair.  I wish you luck on your way to getting it long and healthy.   Please feel free to post any questions and I will be happy to answer.   Thanks so much for reading my blog.   If you like my advice please share this link with your friends.


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